To get a feel for HTML, you can use any text editing software such as NotePad, TextPad or EditPlus. Do not use Word, because it adds special codes to your text that a web browser will not be able to correctly interpret.

HTML pages are composed of tags. All HTML tags are enclosed in angle brackets. For example <html> is an HTML tag.

Here is the HTML for a very simple html page:




<title> my first web page </title>



this is easier than I thought



After you save this HTML. You can double click on the file created to view the web page in a browser.

From this example, you will probably notice a few things:

  1. All HTML tags are enclosed in an opening "<" and a closing ">" bracket.
  2. A web page begins with an open html tag "<html>" and ends with a close html tag "</html>. The "/" in any html tag means "close".
  3. Web pages are divided into two main sections: a <head> section and a <body> section.
  4. The title of a web page is embedded in the <head> section. The <title> tags are used to specify the title of the web page.
  5. You can make text appear in your web page simply by including it in your <body> section.


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